Saturday, November 10, 2007

Of Pet Peeves and Dog Choices.

(This blog originally posted on 2/25/2005.)

Maybe someone else can explain this phenonemon, because Ms. X can't seem to wrap her pretty, little head around it.

It starts with someone who wants to get into dogs, has a favorite breed they really want to own/show/breed, but common practices for this breed are 1) ear cropping and 2) tail docking.

So this person, lets call her Mrs. U, finds a breed about the same size and shape that doesn't "require" 1) ear cropping or 2) tail docking and starts breeding that breed.

Now is it just Ms. X, or is the WORST REASON EVER to choose a dog breed?

Shouldn't your breed of choice be selected because you love the personality, admire the function, like the way it's energy and activity fit perfectly with your lifestyle?

Shouldn't you breed your breed of choice because you want to preserve it's wonderful traits like courage, or it's ability to hunt?

After all, no one held a gun to Mrs. U's head and forced her to 1) crop ears or 2) dock tails. She thinks it's "icky"; but she can't resist the peer pressure she would get if she didn't 1) crop ears or 2) dock tails.

So she takes the cowards route and goes for a completely different breed because she can be popular with it and not feel "icky".

Then, she goes and 3) hacks off dewclaws because it's just darned hard to get into a breed where dewclaws are acceptable.

Honestly, Ms. X can't think of a worse person to have preserving a breed than Mrs. U, who doesn't have the courage of her convictions.

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