Friday, December 21, 2007

Dog Friendly Britain?

A wave of dog-nappings, not for fighting or breeding, but for Ransom!!! is sweeping across Great Britain.

Criminals have had it too easy there ever since the moronic gun bans, and it should not be a surprise at all that they have found another hot lucrative market with easy prey.

Hayes's dog, Hermy, was dognapped from the 40-acre grounds of her home in
Nottinghamshire. She frantically called round local vets, kennels and the
police, put up posters and turned pet detective. After six and a half weeks she
discovered Hermy had changed hands three times in local pubs and was being kept
at a house nearby.
The police refused to help her retrieve her pet, claiming
it wasn't a criminal matter, so she resorted to snatching him back from the
family that had him.

On the bright side, maybe it will encourage many more millions in our own country to war against gun control and wholesale criminal enabling.

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