Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How Special is Uno?

A beagle has won grand prize at Westminster, the dog world's equivalent of the Miss Universe Pageant, only with less talent required.

That makes him a pretty special dog, huh? Uno, hailed as a "people's dog" pranced and played to a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Gardens. There is no question, dog beauty contests are popular. Maybe the Donald can hire him to be a commentator at the next Miss America pageant. 'Coz Uno's qualified. Even the judge said "He does cuteness well".

What else does Uno do well? I saw no mention of his hunting abilities in the write-up. I read about his "golden brown, pleading eyes", and his baying, and of course, the cuteness. But can he do anything as a Beagle that defines him as a Beagle?

Dan Belkin said "So, I must add that not only is a Saluki a dog that looks like a Saluki, but also a dog that works like a Saluki."

It looks like a Beagle, but can it work like a Beagle?

Oh, never mind. I just found the American Kennel Club ad from last Sunday's Parade Magazine. Under a picture of two identical Golden Retriever puppies was the title "It's tough to tell them apart. But something sets them apart." The ad says tells me that what sets Uno apart from other beagles is his AKC registration. AKC, the ad says, is the ONLY registry whose dogs can track their parentage back to 1884. Ms. X isn't sure she can trace her parentage back that far. (She must not be special.)

Registration with the AKC is more than just a piece of paper. Or so we're told. However, if you want a papered puppy, you should "insist" it's an AKC papered puppy. This ad reads like something from the 1950's.

For the soft, naturally pretty curls you want, be beauty-wise and neutralize... insist on Richard Hudnut Home Permanent

Soon I will put up a blog from the archives on the CKC (Continental Kennel Club) in which I explain the advantages of NOT being able to trace ancestry to 1884.

But that's not the only advantage to papers from the AKC. If you register with the AKC, the ad says, you will also support monitoring of canine legislation.

Ms. X got a little choked up over that one. Remember PAWS? Stay tuned. I'll search the archives for some old blogs on PAWS too.

But now Ms. X has to go. She has two identical dogs in her house, and she must figure out what sets them apart.


  1. Someone else apparently thinks an Uno is pretty special. This story is cute:

  2. Karen posted a story about a different Uno, but it's educational in and of itself. It's titled "Can you love your dog too much?" And recounts one womans' obsession with her dog.

    And don't forget her dog-obsessed friends, the people "who'd devolved from articulate professionals into baby-talking, milkbone-dispensing dog people. Instead of joining us for cocktails or concerts, we lost one set of friends when they began declining dinner invitations unless their Labradoodle was included."

    The whole story completely typifies the need for Cesar Milan in our lifetime.