Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Imports bring rabies

Three bitten by rabid dog in Britain

I could file this with my other Shelter Dog posts, because this story isn't about breeders or dogs imported for breeding or working. No, this shelter in Britain is importing strays from foreign countries to sell - oops *adopt* to Brits. This is not an uncommon practice in our own country. Unfortunately for the shelter workers in this story, it was a practice that, shall we say, came back to bite them.

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  1. They have to keep the shelters full in order to keep guilt-tripping pet owners about 'pet overpopulation' and justify their own existence and the existence of draconic pet-control legislation... the No-Kill revolution can't come quickly enough, in my opinion. The way shelters are being run nowadays is largely a disgrace, and is doing nothing for the animals except killing them 'for their own good'.