Thursday, August 7, 2008

72 Hours or Else!

Yikes! Where did July go??? Well, it was a busy month on the dog front, and I will catch up on posts about topics discovered and uncovered in July, in August.

The first one concerns an ultimatum from Denver. My gracious!! It didn't take these folks long to cop some brazen authoritarian attitudes on the heels of their pit bull-cide did it?

We can only dread what is coming next.

Pet owners get 72 hours to clean their own yards

Residents of one Denver suburb are being told by city officials they have only 72 hours to clean pet poop from their own yards or face fines of up to $999.

"That is crazy," David Van Valkenberg told the Denver Post. "Give it twice that long and maybe it might be appropriate."

Well now, with a community attitude like that, we won't have to wait long, will we?


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