Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gov v. Pets. Chihuahua Loses.

Ohio, a great place to be from.

Scott and Sharon Bullock gave the Chihuahua mix to their son for his birthday a few years ago.

When they returned home last Friday they found blood, three bullets and a note to call the Blue Ash Police Department about their dog.

Apparently the dog got out of their backyard and the two officers couldn't catch him.

Cops say they had him cornered on the front porch but when they reached out to pick him up, the dog bit one of the officers.

That's when they shot it three times.

3 bullets on a 5 pound dog? I'm surprised there were enough scraps to stick a note too.

As The Nanny State asked, "Police state? What Police State?"


  1. This kind of story is commonplace. Police routinely use lethal force against any perceived aggression from a dog. Another blog I visit has a running tally of every time this kind of thing occurs, going back for years, and in the vast majority of the stories it is clear that the violence was completely over the top on the part of the officer(s).

    I think there is a serious need for education in police departments on how to properly judge the threat of a dog. It's obvious to me that many officers overreact to and outright misinterpret common dog behavior.

  2. Pai, which blog keeps a tally of these types of incidents? I would like to see their list.

  3. It's called The Agitator. Just search for all their 'Puppycide' entries. =P

    They link to the original news articles and videos. SO many of the incidents were so clearly out-of-line, yet the officers get all this support from superiors as being 'justified' and 'following procedure'. I feel bad for people with large dogs or (god forbid) pit bulls, who can't get anyone to take them seriously when they claim their dog was shot for no reason.

  4. Oh yeah, Radley Balko. I am a fan of his blog, though I don't read it very regularly. He is really good at blogging all the hot stories.

    Thanks for the link. I will put him in the side bar.

    "Who's Your Nanny"
    also runs pet brutality stories, though they tend to mix them in with human brutality stories. All good stuff.