Saturday, October 13, 2007

It takes a miracle to train a dog.

A rather remarkable story out of Southern California, two dogs are spared a one-way trip to the shelter by nothing less than the image
of Jesus Christ appearing on their doggy door.

It's remarkable because it took Divine Intervention for these two rather normal
sounding dogs to not be sent packing.

The reason dogs are in the shelter is not because there are commercial breeders, or
backyard breeders, or family breeders, or barbie breeders or (your favorite epithet here) breeders.

The reason dogs wind up in
shelters is because of OWNERS. Owners that take on a responsibility and then decide they\'d rather shirk it, thank you very much. So they
find some poor soul or a taxpayer funded collection site to exchange the problem dog for one that would be less troublesome (or so they

The only thinking solution is to educate owners. Cesar Millan is a great start.

What's needed is more charity put into free training and free education.

If any of my furry readers knows of free training classes around the country, I'll be happy to put up a notice.

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