Saturday, October 13, 2007

A new home!

Yes, I know. I just moved a couple months ago. It was a long and arduous process that resulted in the blog being down for a very long time.

And now I've gone and done it again. And there are no archives!

But there is method to the madness. is . . . (drum roll) FREE!

The old blog software was free too, but it required a lot of time consuming manual maintenance, upgrades, etc. etc. A great software, but the coordination required to maintain a labor intensive software on a so-so server with no support to mention, was just a little more than Ms. X has time for. I do have to hold down a paying job to feed the fur kids. Oh, and the human ones too ;-)

So here's hoping I'll find someway to bring the old archives over. At the very least, over time, I will repost most of them.

Here's wishing us luck!

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