Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Future?


by C. Nevada

"Mommy, can I watch TV?"

"No dear, there aren't any programs on suitable for a 8-year old boy to watch. Why don't you read a book?"

"I've read them all. … Twice."

"Well, here dear. Would you like to look at this old photo album? It has pictures of Mommy when she was your age."

"(sigh) I guess so."

"Oh wow, Mommy! What's that animal in the picture with you? It's awfully cute. Is it real?"

"Why that's a puppy, honey! My parents bought it for me when I turned eight. Scout was my best friend. We did everything together. Oh, the times we had! Every day was a new adventure. I loved Scout. He comforted me when I was sad, made me laugh when I was unhappy. He was always waiting for me when I came home from school. I was never bored when Scout was there to play with. I've never forgotten Scout…"

"Where's Scout now, Mommy? Can I see him?"

"Oh, dear, Scout died when he was five years old. He had some genetic disease. I cried for days. I was a heartbroken little girl."

"He looks awfully nice, Mommy. Mommy, can I have a puppy?"

"Oh no dear."

""Why not, Mommy? I'm eight years old!"

"It's not that honey. If ever a boy deserved a puppy, you do. It's that it was hard enough to get a puppy when I was a girl! There were only a few people allowed to breed dogs, my parents were on a waiting list for two years before they got Scout.

Nowadays, its almost impossible. It takes two years just to get the permit to own a dog, and we can't afford the license fees. Then there's the home inspection fees every two months…

There are even fewer breeders now than when I was little, and the dogs don't live as long as Scout did. No, I'm afraid even if we were rich enough to afford the price of a dog, people with children never get approved to adopt one. There are too many regulations these days, and people who try to own a dog are looked upon very suspiciously.

No sweetie, I'm afraid you'll never have a puppy."


Ms. X again: I am sure there is someone out there saying 'No way that would ever happen.' So just for you I offer this news article "Rule-loving Swiss force pet owners to take animal understanding courses"

And for those of you who sing "How Great the Swiss Art", be careful what you wish for.

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