Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Courtiers of Madison Avenue

"If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?" - Shakespeare

Oprah isn’t the first to get AKC in bed with the anti-pet crowd. AKC got snuggly with PETA over PAWS . And now it’s cuddling up with HSUS and Oprah, seemingly happy to be out of the narrow confines of its pro-dog cage.

It’s no secret is it, that HSUS wants to end animal ownership? Nor should it be a secret, to the readers of this blog that AKC seems to be quickly burying any pretense of representing the best for dogs and dog owners.

Non-profit only means “I get to enjoy my money while criticizing everyone else who makes money”.

They’re pretty much flat out going for broke. Can a non-profit even be prosecuted for anti-trust violations? All of their actions suggest that AKC is using the legislative system to dominate and control American dogdom.

Sounds harsh, does it? Remember these blogs?

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Well, now you can add their response to Oprah’s 101 Rescues.

Ms. Oprah Winfrey April 4, 2008

The Oprah Winfrey Show

110 N. Carpenter Street

Chicago, IL 60607

Dear Ms. Winfrey:

Thank you for your informative show today. We are very pleased that a renowned dog lover such as you has taken on the issue of unregulated dog breeders – an issue we work towards addressing on a daily basis.

The American Kennel Club has always been a strong proponent of responsible breeding, which entails giving careful consideration to health issues, temperament and genetic screening, as well as to the individual care and placement of puppies in responsible homes. AKC supports and promotes these and other responsible breeding practices through numerous educational programs.

In addition to raising awareness, we have long invested significant resources to directly address the issue of canine welfare. In 2007, our team of 15 inspectors visited over 5,600 kennels throughout the country. AKC spends over $6 million each year to inspect our customers, thereby ensuring the integrity of our registry and the proper care and conditions for dogs registered with us. In fact, of over 35 U.S. “registries” we are the only one to conduct inspections, as well as being the only not-for-profit all-breed registry in the nation. AKC is continually raising the bar. When our inspectors find kennels that do not meet our progressive standards, they educate those breeders. Those not willing to come into compliance are suspended of their AKC registration privileges and proper authorities are alerted in cases of neglect.

Unfortunately, there are many breeders who choose NOT to register with us specifically because of our high standards, and once they are no longer being inspected by the AKC, there is often very little oversight from state or federal entities. AKC supports scrupulous enforcement of the federal Animal Welfare Act, and state and local regulations governing the humane care of animals. We also voice support for more resources to be allotted to the USDA and other enforcement agencies to ensure that current regulations are met.

AKC’s 5,000 affiliated clubs nationwide are comprised of people who dedicate their lives – emotionally and financially – to improving their breeds and to providing healthy, happy pets. We would like to work with you to further educate the American public about how to identify a responsible breeder and hope you will call on us when addressing this topic in the future.

Again, thank you for raising awareness of this important issue. Your support is invaluable to all dogs and their devoted owners.


Ronald H. Menaker

Chairman of the Board

Dennis B. Sprung

President and CEO

There is a cure. Stop giving AKC your money. Buy dogs that have been registered with a FOR PROFIT organization, one that is dependent on customer happiness for its livelihood.

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