Thursday, November 26, 2009

BAT Behaviour Adjustment Training

One of the greatest shortages in dogdom is, in this writers' opinion, free dog training resources. Thanks to the internet, we have many more now than just what books your local library has on file.

This webpage give a detailed description of some training, complete with video of the training in action. The technique is called Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT). The page is from Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle, where Grisha Stewart describes BAT

"BAT is the use of the natural environmental cues and reinforcements (positive or negative) for alternative/incompatible behaviors. This is the core protocol for BAT."

It seems to be basically operant conditioning, gradually moving the dog through its discomfort zone and rewarding it for progress. Do note in the video the dog is wearing BOTH a head halter and what appears to be a no-pull harness. The harness gets the most leash pressure. Those might be essential equipment to make progress with the dog in this type of scenario.


  1. Hey Ms. X, are we going to see you posting again? Miss your blog updates.

  2. Ah, I don't know. It will likely be a very long time as life has kind of intruded on the dog focus. Specifically, the nuclear disaster at Fukushima. The X family currently has that ole truth light pointed at Japan, and what it is revealing is very disturbing. We been posting the updates over at my other blog - Pissin On the Roses.

    I really enjoyed your expose of the double merle mutanteers lately, keep up the fight ;-)