Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Are our pets killing us?

Or are we killing them?

I just put up an article about pyrenthrins and Austism, and here is another scary story about medicines (prescription and over-the-counter) making their way into our water supplies. Medicines that don't just come from humans, but ever increasingly from medicated pets.

"Meds lurk in drinking water"

Other veterinary drugs also play a role. Pets are now treated for arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, allergies, dementia, and even obesity — sometimes with the same drugs as humans.

A vicious cycle perhaps...we lather on the pesticides to kill the fleas and ticks, and treat the subsequent behaviour problems with prescription drugs which in turn make their way into our water supply. Known contaminants (the government call them "additives") to the water supply are already suspected of causing some serious diseases that we treat with more pharmaceuticals.

We are now being advised to dispose of unused, leftover meds by mixing them into used cat litter. Purportedly, this will stop substance abuse, but heck, when we can all get high from the drinking water, will it matter? Actually, an unwritten benefit of this disposal technique is that it would keep the leftovers, at least, out of the groundwater. The used cat litter will make its way to the landfill. Modern landfills are designed to minimze runoff and keep all of its contents out of the groundwater.

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