Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bed and Breakfast go to the dogs

And, not in the good dog friendly way you normally expect when a site about dogs says something has gone to the dogs.

No, this time it means Bed and Breakfasts' in Europe are at the end of an era. Dogs have been banned from the kitchens and food preparation areas of these weekend and honeymoon retreats. The beauty of a Bed and Breakfast has always been the homelike feel, without nagging parents or endless work. The best of domestic bliss, good food, good company, beautiful countryside, and more often than not one or two friendly pettable companions of the canine or feline variety. People love their pets, and a surrogate they don't have to clean up after is the crowning touch on a perfect weekend.

But European Union officials have declared dogs "potential health and safety hazard to guests' food." Of course, many a bed and breakfast will close it's doors rather than banish their four footed member of the family (and sometimes star attraction) to the outdoors.

What say you, furry reader? Is this time to sit up and beg? Roll over and play dead? Or release the hounds? :-)

The real question is this... Will Barak Obama or John McCain be the freedom fighter that will save us from such stupidity?

Hey! It's not a trick question. Ms. X wanted Ron Paul.

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