Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vitamin Supplements go to the dogs

(Hey I'm on a theme here!)

This is considerably more serious than dogs being banned from kitchens in bed and breakfasts'.

And closer.

This time it is the Canadans making decisions about our health and of course the health of our best friends. New legislation in Canada is brewing fear that nutritional supplements will be banned, and illegal use will be severely punished.

I've written quite a bit in this blog about Dogs' Health ,
and I am convinced a good part of the general malaise in dogdom exists because dogs have been consigned to a life of premanufactured kibble, generation after generation.

No, of course I don't take kindly to the idea of government prohibiting me from doing whatever I choose to enhance my health and the health of my loved ones.

But what say you, furry readers?

Again, the real question is this... Will Barak Obama or John McCain be the freedom fighter that will save us from such stupidity?

Perhaps it's time to look a little closer at Chuck Baldwin.

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