Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Family Dog Kills Infant

It is a morbid headline, but these stories crop up all to often. It's funny in a way, I have never heard anyone call for a ban on families owning dogs if they have children under one year of age.

That's not as outlandish a suggestion as you might think, if you stop to consider that the very young babes are the ones most likely to die as the result of a dog attack, and they are attacked pretty regularly. Calls for breed bans have been based on much less compelling evidence.


Of course not. No reasonable person could support an arbitrary tyrannical proposition.

I want to post these stories, to raise awareness among the general viewers. Don't leave the dog alone with the babies.

Family dog kills 2-week-old Mesa infant

Detective Steve Berry, Mesa police spokesman, said the girl was lying in a bassinet that was elevated and attached to a portable crib when the dog, a chow, began biting her about 7 p.m.

The mother had stepped away from the child to use the restroom and when she returned the dog was still biting, Berry said.

She frantically called 911 and the first police officers on scene saw "obvious bite wounds to the head."

The baby was unresponsive when paramedics arrived, Berry said.


  1. We do need more education and awareness. I am a certified dog behavior consultant who specializes in dog and child/baby interaction. I also created the national program Dogs & Storks to help raise awareness and prevent this type of story. I encourage you to visit www.dogsandstorks.blogspot.com and www.nationalcanineresearchcouncil.com to learn more about how to prevent and the true stories behind these sad stories. Parents must NEVER leave a newborn alone where a dog has access.

  2. We DO need more education and awareness to help prevent such outcomes. As a certified dog behavior consultant and active dog rescue organizer I became frustrated with how many dogs were turned over due to a chid/ dog encounter or a baby on the way. In 2002 we created Dogs & storks, now a national program to prepare families with dogs for life with baby. www.dogsandstorks.blogspot.com has tons of info you may find of interest as well as www.nationalcanineresearchcouncil.com As the Mother of three great kids (and 4th on the way) I believe dogs, infants and kids of all ages do great with proper expectations, SUPERVISION AT ALL TIMES and management when needed.