Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feds v. Dogs

Guess who will win? There are LOTS of stories of dogs, cats, PETS being killed by the government, outside of the "humane society". No one else, in the dog world, seems to pay much attention to this. Perhaps they are all too busy being a servant to the President, to hold the government to the standard they would hold themselves.

So Ms. X will take her trusty truthlight, and illuminate the shadows.


Casual mention in a story about Maryland citizens suing over police brutality:

Five Maryland residents testified Tuesday that SWAT teams storming their homes handcuffed them, drew guns or even killed their dogs in two instances.

Last summer, police raided the home and killed the dogs of an innocent Berwyn Heights mayor after drug smugglers sent a package containing 32 pounds of marijuana to his residence. Police now say the smugglers hoped to have a courier pick up the package shortly after it was dropped outside Mayor Cheye Calvo's front door. Officers kicked down the door and shot Calvo's dogs during the raid, later clearing him and his family of all wrongdoing.

More on the Calvo fiasco from The Agitator.

Of course, the most famous one is still the BATF jackboots that stomped the kitten in 1994.

"Stomped the kitten", kind of has a ring to it. Sort of like a government version of 'Jumping the Shark'.

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