Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wolves v. Dogs

This time, the dog survived! Amazing...as is the story.

The owners say earlier Wednesday morning a pack of nine wolves mauled their dog.

When the husband realized what was happening, he bolted out the door and rescued their yellow lab from the jaws of the wolves.

The owner of the lab went on to say he feared a wolf that would attack his 90 pound dog would not hesitate to attack his 60 pound child.

Quote from the story: "Idaho Fish and Game says they've never had a report of wolves killing a human being."

That is a prime opportunity to read what is not said. In casual passing, you might go away with the impression that wolves have never killed a human. That, of course, would be a gross error. Wikipedia has an entry devoted to fatal wolf attacks, and of course the Carnegie case in Saskatchewan was not so far away, geographically or temporally.

Carefully reading what is not written, you see that what Idaho Fish and Game really said was that they, themselves, as an agency, (or possibly even more narrowly as that individual spokesperson) have never had a report of a human killed by wolves filed with their office.

The wolves, of course, were only re-introduced into Idaho in the mid 1990's.

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