Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where Peta-tics come from.

Many people look at the Peta-tics, and the other lunatics that grace our planet, and say to themselves, "where did they come from!" 100 years ago, of course, everyone was sane and used their Heads to think. Not their tails. Or so our rosy colored history of humanity tells us.

The threats to individual freedom we face today are all the fault of the flower children in the 60s; it's the fault of the government education camps, or taking the Ten Commandments out of our public life. Or so our rosy colored history of humanity tells us.

No. Our problems today rest squarely with our ancestors. Think about it. In the 1930's, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (or Obama-lite as we will know him in the future), instituted policies that should have set off a revolution.

But did your grandparents even send their Congresscritter a tea bag?

Yeah. That's why we're here.

Peta-tics have ancestors too, and much to modern mans' surprise, they may not all be rolling quite as fast in their grave as we would tend to think. In fact, a website has been set up to collect the thoughts and feelings of the ideological, if not actual, ancestors of our present lunatics.

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