Sunday, January 18, 2009

The god-king?

Lew Rockwell sums up the inauguration as only he can do:

So the newly annointed god-king will instruct us to be "responsible," that is, not to live for our own selves, families, and goals, but to live for the state.

Next installment: Build, oh build, my people, the pyramid of Barackhanaten, in the best Keynesian depression style. My vizier Bernanke will supply all your needs.

If Ms. X fails to be excited about this changing of the guard, you can blame it on her distaste for responsible societies and national greatness.

However, she does think the solemnity of the occasion requires a quote from the truely venerable Ron Paul.

“Ours is the most solemn charge of all: to defend Liberty in this bleak hour lest the very notion that man might best govern himself be scoured from this land and from the conscience of mankind.”

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