Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolute Left Overs.

Do your New Years' Resolutions involve trying to cut back? Whether you're cutting back on expenditures or food intake, or both, this article is for you.

"Leftovers are Not a Bad Thing", from is a rare, rational read about feeding dogs. The author lays out the case that Leftover, are indeed, not a bad thing. Used to supplement your dog's kibble intake, they can help you fulfill your New Year Resolutions. You won't be tempted to scrape the bowl, if you know that it will feed Fido supper, and that's one less meal of kibble you have to buy, cutting expenses.

As the price of everything goes up, dog food goes with it. And, if you are eating a healthy low-carb diet, your leftovers are almost guaranteed to be dog-friendly.

So go ahead. Supplement with your own leftovers, and both of you can avoid the scourge of obesity.

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