Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Land fish

(img source http://kitten-pictures.com/198/kitty-crashed-my-laptop/)

Peta is going after your children again. They have set up a new website called "Sea Kittens", where you can create your own sea kitten, etc.

As is my usual practice, I won't dignify any peta site with a link.

What, my furry comrades demand, is a "Sea Kitten"?


(img source http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photos/schools-fish/school-of-grunt-fish-photography.html)

Yes, "sea kitten" is Peta-speak for fish.

As peta puts it,
[Peta:] “When your name can also be used as a verb that means driving a hook through your head, it’s time for a serious image makeover,”

from an interview by The Dutch Harbor Fisherman (or Dutch Harbor Sea Kitten Killer)

[DHF:] Where did the whole “sea kitten” concept come from?
[Peta:] "It was something a couple people at PETA thought of when they were thinking about the fact that more fish are killed for food each year than all other animals combined, but they just don’t receive the same sympathy that dogs and cats receive."

Well, yeah....

(img source http://www.firstpeople.us/pictures/bear/Grizzly-Bear-Trout-Fishing-1280x1024.html)

If that was a kitten (or land fish, as they are rightly called) clasped in the jaws of the grizzly, sympathy would flow like the river Jordan.

Why, a scene like this would launch a massive grizzly protest, followed by a grizzly killing field.

(img source http://www.firstpeople.us/pictures/bear/wsWILD080-955x768.html)

Picture the adorable baby land fish leaping playfully up those falls...batting at the spraying water...

Ms. X has long held that our increased sympathy for the fate of predators is merely a reflection, and an affirmation of our own predatory status.

If we deny our predatory status, we must 'use our power for good' and deny the other predators that status as well. We have the technology to create vegetarian kibble for every species. But if we do it, the unchecked hordes of herbivores competing for those vegan resources would ensure all of our demise.

(img source http://enews.tufts.edu/stories/122700SolvingDeerOverpopulation.htm)

We humans are like our furry comrades, more than we like to admit most of the time.

So Peta. If Sea Kittens will "save" the fish, will Bonsai Kittens save the vegetables?

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